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Boot Fitting Services

We take great pride in our Boot Fitting here at Buckeye. We've invested heavily in equipment and training to offer our customers the best experience on the hill- and proper fitting boots is a major element in making that happen. Whether you are a beginner skier buying your first pair of boots or a competitive racer looking for a performance edge we can accommodate your needs. The great thing about our system is that its goal is making boots more comfortable and more fun for not only the Level 3 skier but also the weekend intermediate enthusiast.

Our advanced boot fitting process is a three-step system in building toward combining the best performance and comfort combination available in ski boots today. For most people, just going through step one or step two will enhance your experience and comfort better than you can imagine. But, if you want to, we can take it all the way through to give you the most customized boot fit available in North America.


Boot Assessment

Boot Stretch/ Custom Shell Shape
$20 & Up Per boot


Custom Foot Bed
$150- $180

Preformed Foot Bed

Boot Planing
$79-$89 / boot

BOOSTER Straps/ Tongue Eliminators
Pricing May Vary

Hotronic/ Thermic Boot Heater Install

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